Fragrance products enhance the body’s scent. One of the oldest cosmetics, fragrance products represent an art form that combines a complex combination of fragrance ingredients with an individual’s natural properties.

Colognes, Perfumes, and Fragrance Mists

Colognes (also called eau de cologne) are scented liquid products typically made of alcohol and various fragrant oils. A perfume is a product that imparts and diffuses a fragrant odor, especially a volatile liquid distilled from flowers or a synthetically prepared equivalent. A fragrance mist consists of fine drops of a liquid, such as water or perfume, sprayed into the air.

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Dusting Powders or Body Powders

Dusting powders and body powders, such as talcum powder or corn starch, are applied to the body to help absorb oils and moisture, smooth the skin and impart fragrance.

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