Beauty and personal care products companies strive to be among the most exemplary in the sustainability of their businesses. Businesses will only continue to prosper if they act responsibly toward consumers, employees, business partners and communities around the world where they operate, and with respect for the environment.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Protecting the planet is a responsibility, not a choice. Industry is committed to improving the well-being of people and the planet and is actively engaged in managing the environmental impacts of business operations along the entire value chain
  • SOCIAL IMPACT: As part of its commitment to enhance quality of life, the beauty industry makes a significant and positive social impact that goes far beyond the direct benefits of its products. From providing a safe and equitable workplace to sourcing raw materials with ethical practices to giving back to communities in need, companies leverage brands, products and platforms to create shared value for all stakeholders along the value chain
  • GOVERNANCE: How the beauty industry achieves results is equally as important as the results themselves. Companies conduct business with transparency, oversight and accountability, implementing policies, practices and processes that govern their actions and decision-making. Ethical conduct guides the industry to act with integrity and maintain the highest standards.


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