Lip Color

Lip colors are products that apply color, texture, and/or shine to the lips using a brush or other applicator. Lip colors contain ingredients that apply color to the lips in a precise and controlled manner.


Lipstick products, also referred to as lip color, contain ingredients that apply color, texture and shine to the lips and come in two basic forms. Traditional ’solid lipsticks’ are commonly found in traditional roll-up tubes, while softer ‘liquid lipsticks’ usually require the use of a brush or other applicator. Lipsticks can also offer multifunctional benefits, such as lip moisturization or the inclusion of sunscreen for SPF protection. Ingredient formulations for lipsticks can vary, resulting in distinct textures and finishes, such as matte or glossy.

Lip Gloss

Lip glosses offer high-shine with hydrating formulas that leave lips looking soft and moisturized. They are available in no-color nude shades, or for those who want a little more color, shades such as bold red or berry.

Lip Liner

Create definition and define your lips using lip liners. Used as a base for a well-defined and flawless total lip look, lip liners formulations offer no-feathering and no-fading. Enhance and compliment your color with long-lasting lip liner that goes on smoothly and lasts for hours.

Lip Color Safety

Lip color products contain specially selected ingredients that are safe and suitable for use. Formulations are carefully designed to include ingredients that help prevent the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms. Product safety adheres to the principles of quality assurance (QA) and good manufacturing practices (GMP), including testing the compatibility of products with packaging and shelf-life stability. Manufacturers conduct extensive safety tests to ensure these products are safe and continue monitoring their safety in the marketplace by tracking any consumer injury reports or other comments/questions received.

These products should only be used under close adult supervision. It is important to read the product label and follow the directions. For questions about product use, check the product label for the manufacturer’s contact information or the company website to reach the company directly.

Common Ingredients