Cetyl Acetate

What Is It?

Cetyl Acetate is an ester of cetyl alcohol and acetic acid. Cetyl alcohol is an alcohol that consists of 16 carbons.

Cetyl Acetate is used in many types of cosmetics and personal care products including baby products, bath products, cleansing products, eye makeup, hair and skin care products, as well as shaving products.

Why Is It Used?

In cosmetics and personal care products, Cetyl Acetate functions as a skin-conditioning agent — emollient.

Scientific Facts

Cetyl Acetate is a waxy solid that it poorly soluble in water. It functions as a skin conditioning agent in cosmetics and personal care products.

Safety Information

The Food and Drug Administration permits Cetyl Acetate to be used as an indirect food additive as a surface lubricant used in the manufacture of metallic food-contact surfaces.

The safety of Cetyl Acetate has been assessed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel. The CIR Expert Panel evaluated the scientific data and concluded that Cetyl Acetate was safe for use in cosmetics and personal care products.

CIR Safety Review:

The CIR Expert Panel noted that acetate esters, such as Cetyl Acetate may be metabolized by esterases in the skin. For Cetyl Acetate, this would result in the production of cetyl alcohol and acetic acid. Acetic acid is further metabolized and eliminated as carbon dioxide and water.

CIR has previously reviewed the safety of cetyl alcohol and found it safe for use in cosmetics. Cetyl Acetate itself was not a dermal irritant or sensitizer.

FDA: Link to Code of Federal Regulations for Cetyl Acetate http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfCFR/CFRSearch.cfm?FR…

Cetyl Acetate may be used in cosmetics and personal care products marketed in Europe according to the general provisions of the Cosmetics Regulation of the European Union.

Link to the EU Cosmetic Regulation: http://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/consumers/product_labelling_and_packaging/co0013_en.htm


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