Halloween Face Products: How to Choose Them and How to Use Them

With Halloween fast approaching, you might be considering the use of some face paint with your or your children’s costumes. Luckily, face paint is regulated the same as your everyday cosmetics – but there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing and using Halloween makeup in order to keep you and your family safe.

  1. Use the right kind of paint. Halloween makeup is made to be used on humans, and like all cosmetics, it is regulated by the FDA. This means it has been formulated and tested for use on skin. However, this only applies to paints meant for use on the human body. Be sure not to use any paints that aren’t specifically marked as safe for use on the skin, as those paints aren’t made to be safely slathered on your skin.
  2. Test products beforehand. Although products created for use on human skin are tested, people can be allergic to nearly anything. To be sure you aren’t allergic to any of the products you want to use on your skin for Halloween, test a swatch beforehand. The FDA recommends putting a small amount of the product on your arm first. Any swelling, redness, or irritation that develops around the application could be indicative of allergy.
  3. Be gentle with eyes. Although face and body paints are safe for the skin, your eyes are very sensitive and oftentimes require more attention. Some products that are perfectly fine to be applied to the skin can irritate the eyes, so be sure to read the label to confirm the product has been formulated for use in the eye area.
  4. Be careful with glowing cosmetics. There is only one luminescent (or glow-in-the-dark) color approved for cosmetic use by the FDA – this greenish-whitish-yellowish color is created from luminescent zinc sulfide. Be sure this is the only glow-in-the-dark cosmetic you use, and do not use it near your eyes.
  5. Be safe with your cosmetics. As with your everyday cosmetics, read the instructions on novelty makeup carefully and take note of any warnings for its use, apply with clean hands and don’t use any product if it has an off smell or is discolored. When in doubt, throw it out!

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Although Halloween is supposed to be scary, using makeup and face paint shouldn’t be. If something is to be put on your body, always choose products made for cosmetic purposes and use them as labeled. By following these tips, you can stay worry-free about the products you use this Halloween. Happy trick or treating!