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7 Sunscreen Myths Debunked by Beauty Scientists

With temperatures steadily rising across the United States, many people are adding this seasonal must-have to their daily skincare routines and vacation packing lists: sunscreens. Whether it’s using a daily moisturizer and lip balm with SPF or applying a sunscreen head-to-toe before laying poolside, there are a few common misconceptions about sunscreen products that all […]

Halloween Face Products: How to Choose Them and How to Use Them

With Halloween fast approaching, you might be considering the use of some face paint with your or your children’s costumes. Luckily, face paint is regulated the same as your everyday cosmetics – but there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing and using Halloween makeup in order to keep you and your family […]

Counterfeit Cosmetics: Too Good to be True?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that the value of trade-related counterfeit goods amounts to $461 billion annually across the globe. The proliferation of counterfeit products is a very real problem, posing potential health risks for consumers who purchase and use these products from unreliable vendors. At a minimum, counterfeit cosmetic and personal care products […]

6 Tips to Keep Your Beauty Products Safe

It may seem small, but paying attention to the shelf life and expiration date of your cosmetics and personal care products is important. The shelf life of a personal care product is the period of time a manufacturer recommends their product is best to use. Like the food in your refrigerator, it’s important to take […]

Reading the Label of Your Favorite Beauty Product

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a chemist to understand the ingredients in your everyday products. In fact, understanding product labels is easier than it seems. Let’s break down the ingredient label of a product you probably have on your bathroom shelf – lotion. Different beauty products have varying ingredient lists, but one factor is […]

How Preservatives Keep Cosmetics Safe

If you’ve washed your hands, put on mascara, or applied lotion today, you’ve likely used a product that contains preservatives. Preservatives are a ubiquitous and necessary part of thousands of cosmetic products, but many people would be hard-pressed to say what they actually do. And although there has been a lot of discussion about the […]

The Science & Safety Behind Your Favorite Cosmetics Products

Have you ever wondered how to read the label on your daily moisturizer or wanted to know more about the history of cosmetics? That’s why the Personal Care Products Council and its member companies created  For nearly a decade, has been an in-depth resource for consumers who want to learn more about the […]