Shampoos and Rinses

Shampoos and Rinses are products that are intended to cleanse the hair. Rinses are intended to help condition the hair after shampooing. Some formulations are Shampoos and Rinses in the same product. The safety of these products is ensured through the careful selection of ingredients that are safe for these products. Manufacturers conduct extensive safety tests to ensure that these products are safe. Among the tests conducted are those to ensure that the products are not irritating or that they cause allergic reactions. As with all products, it is very important to read and follow the directions for use that are on the product. The FDA recommends that Hair Shampoos and Rinses be assessed to determine the type and degree of eye irritation that may occur, and to assure that products are not contaminated and will not become contaminated during normal use. Hair products may be adequately preserved with antimicrobial agents to prevent microbial contamination. It is very important to follow the directions on the label and to only use these products in a safe manner.

Finally, the safety of products is monitored in the market-place through reports of consumer comments and complaints. Companies include a phone number on their products where comments or complaints may be reported. Another related topic of interest includes parabens.

Common Ingredients

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