Hair Bleaches

Hair Dye and Hair Coloring Products

Hair Color Preparations are products that either reduce the color of hair, such as hair bleaches, or products that add color to attain a desirable effect. This can be achieved either with materials that are temporary and only last a few days, to products that last several weeks.

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Hair Bleaches are products that lighten the color of the hair by alteration of the coloring components in the hair. They also work through diffusion of the natural color pigment or artificial color from the hair. The Hair Bleaching process is central to both permanent hair color and hair lighteners. Hair Bleaching ingredients have been extensively tested over many years and have been found to be safe. Their safety is established through the testing of the individual ingredients as well the other ingredients that are used to formulate the product. In addition to ensuring the safety of the individual ingredients, Hair Bleaches are assessed to make sure that are not irritating or cause an unusual incidence of allergic reactions. It is especially important to follow the directions on the label of the product to ensure that it performs as intended and that there is no irritation to the skin. The quality of Hair Bleaches is established through rigorous Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices. Finally, the safety of products is monitored in the market-place through reports of consumer comments and complaints. Companies include a phone number on their products where comments or complaints may be reported.

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