Glossary Terms – O



A natural plant product containing essential oil and resin.


Oil storage bodies found in some plant cells.


A peptide made up of relatively short amino acid chains.

Opacifying Agent

Substances that reduce the clear or transparent appearance of cosmetic products. Some opacifying agents are used in skin make-up for hiding blemishes.

Oral Care Agent

Ingredients that polish the teeth, reduce oral odor, or otherwise cleanse or deodorize the teeth and mouth.

Oral Health Care Drug

Ingredients that are applied topically for use in properly caring for the oral cavity. In the United States, oral health care drugs are regulated as Over-The-Counter (OTC) drug ingredients.

Organic Compound

A compound that contains carbon and hydrogen and usually other elements such as nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen.

Oxidizing Agent

Ingredients that restore hair or skin to its normal oxidized state after exposure to the reducing agent in permanent waving, or that aid in oxidative hair dyeing.