About Us

Site Mission

CosmeticsInfo.org is a comprehensive, informational database containing science and safety information on cosmetics and personal care products – how they work, data to corroborate safety and science behind commonly used ingredients. Developed and maintained by scientists and subject-matter experts, CosmeticsInfo.org is a trusted resource visited by millions of individuals and families around the world each year.

CosmeticsInfo.org includes factual, publicly available scientific information on ingredients most commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products globally. The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) and its member companies sponsor this Website in an effort to provide consumers with easily accessible and understandable science and safety information about the products they trust and enjoy every day.

Site Content

This Website contains information about the safety, development and testing, and regulation of cosmetics and personal care products and their ingredients. This information is divided into three primary sections:

  • Safety and Regulatory Basics – overviews of the processes used by companies to ensure the safety and effectiveness of cosmetics and personal care products and their ingredients; how cosmetics are regulated globally and the specific authority of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate cosmetics in the U.S.; and understanding cosmetics ingredient labeling.
  • Ingredient Database – contains information about individual ingredients, including details on what the ingredient is, what function it performs in cosmetics and personal care products, and what scientific data supports the safety of that ingredient. These pages also provide details about the regulatory guidelines for each ingredient, both in the U.S. and gloablly.
  • Blog – posts designed to complement the more technical aspects of CosmeticsInfo.org. Here, you’ll find educational videos and infographics to help demystify the science of beauty. As a consumer, we believe you have a right to know what ingredients are in the products you use and love, but also the right to understand. The CosmeticsInfo blog is here to guide you through common questions.

Right now, in laboratories across the country and around the world, experts in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular modeling, engineering, formulation, toxicology and other areas of expertise are hard at work evaluating ingredients and formulas for safety, quality, stability, purity, effectiveness and performance. The goal of CosmeticsInfo.org is to share that information in an open and transparent way, understandable to anyone who uses cosmetics and personal care products.

Finding Ingredient Information

By typing in an ingredient name into the “I’m Looking For…” search box, you can find specific information about that ingredient, with references to relevant, publicly available scientific and regulatory studies. With thousands of ingredients already listed, consumers can find safety information about ingredients used in approximately 90 percent of all cosmetics and personal care products on the market today.

Due to the large number of products on the market, ongoing product launches and rapid product innovation, there may be some ingredients, especially those used less often, not currently listed. Our aim, however, is to continually update CosmeticsInfo.org so the vast majority of ingredients are referenced.

Consumer Safety

As the makers of cosmetics and personal care products and suppliers of the ingredients, we take our safety responsibility very seriously and are committed to providing consumers with the information they need to make informed choices about the products they purchase for themselves and their families. We hope you find this Website to be a useful and valuable source of information to supplement the specific ingredient listings found on the labels of every product. We also hope you use this resource whenever you have a question or need additional information about an ingredient or product.

Website Sponsor

Founded in 1894, the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) is the voice and advocate for 600 member companies representing the $529.3 billion global cosmetics and personal care products industry. PCPC’s members represent approximately 90% of the U.S. beauty industry and are some of the most beloved and trusted brands in beauty and personal care today. As the manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of a diverse range of products millions of consumers rely on every day – from sunscreens, toothpaste and shampoo to moisturizer, makeup and fragrance – PCPC’s member companies are global leaders committed to product safety, quality and innovation.